Energy Consumption,

Energy has been becoming more prominent each day as a significant input in rapidly improving technology, communications and competitive environment and energy consumption per capita is the most important factor in sustainable development. The energy consumption in our country has been increasing by an average of 4 % each year for the last 20 years. The energy consumption demonstrates an amount of 114 millions of TEP for the year of 2011 and that makes Turkey one of the 25 countries in the world consuming the most energy among others. According to the analysis conducted by EİE (The General Directorate of Renewable Energy), the energy consumption in 2020 is expected to reach the amount of 222 millions of TEP. Due to the increasing demand for energy and scarce resources, the policies and strategies towards the energy efficiency are implemented by the Energy Efficiency Strategy entered into force in February 2012 and is aiming to eliminate and decrease the energy losses and energy density in industries and service sectors, to enable the market conversion of the energy efficient products and to increase the utilization of the advanced technology.

Besides the energy efficiencies, LED will be the most preferential in the design and manufacturing of lighting products through its luminescence per unit power and colour feedbacks and by being more efficient than the entire conventional lighting products. Along with the LED technology, conventional mechanical manufacturing in luminaire production has been replaced by advanced manufacturing with higher accretion value with electronic means requiring optical designs integrated with controlling and commanding systems with design and engineering works.

Our Company has entered in the process of restructuring by the end of 2013 and has spared a significant budget for improving ESD, LED Laboratory and LED products. By accelerating our operations with this regard and with our innovative LED products with distinctive designs, we are aiming to be the 1st in exports within our industry. While completing the required investments for the manufacturing of our LED products in our Eskişehir plant, new LED products will be manufactured in ESD terms in compliance with the European standards. Therefore, alternating demands and requests in the Lighting Sector can be fulfilled in a more confortable fashion with the improving LED technology.

What is ESD?

ESD is expressed as electrostatic discharge. ESD is originated every day in everywhere and humans are the major cause for it that. The Led becomes sensitive to ESD after a certain level of discharge. ESD is a state to be taken seriously and latent ESD amount is quite high in product life cycle. ESD resistance could be increased in the process of component manufacturing by the supplier company or during the assembly. The ESD protection is ensured by the careful selection of the utilized components, through the ionic air stream, by providing static grounding, by protective, antistatic cloths, accessories and trained personnel during the assembly.

The lighting sector in Turkey, like in the entire world, is in the process of transition period due to the LED technology. Several Companies has been starting to perform in lighting sector with LED and non-standard products from many tradespeople have been released to the market resulting unfair competition. However, certain standards are needed to be defined for the country benefits and the importation of non-complying products with this standard should not be permitted. As Veksan Lighting, we are aiming to be a competitive, pioneering brand in the sector while creating value and successfully created a global brand due to its budget for R&D and P&D until now. Our Eskişehir plant will become a LED design base with its design and engineering team. We aim to inform our customers regarding the correct lighting and create a difference by utilizing our qualified and extensive knowledge acquired through our export-weighted manufacturing and by keeping ourselves always updated with continuously renewing LED technology.

Tridonic Garanti Koşulları EN
Tridonic Test Raporu LM80 QLE
Tridonic Test Raporu LM80 LLE24
Tridonic Test Raporu LM80 DLE G2
Tridonic Test Raporu LM80 CLE220

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