Efficient Utilization of Energy and Environmental Protection;

Our Planet is exposed to the danger of global warming. As a result of predominant consumption of fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum and natural gas, there have been significant climate changes affecting the population of our planet. Due to the fact that the electrical power generation both in our country and in the world is derived from fossil fuels, the global warming has been scaling up with each passing day. We should utilize energy resources in such a deliberate manner to preserve our country and our world against possible impacts of the global warming. Preferring the products manufactured with materials with considerably less energy consumption is the first step of eliminating the severe effects of the global warming.

Around 10-15% of the energy in industries is consumed to satisfy the lighting requirements. The significance of efficient utilization of energy has been brought up with an increasing pace by important international circles. The international platforms have reached a complete consensus regarding the necessity of energy efficiency in lighting equipment and structures in the presence of adverse environmental effects in accordance with the European Union regulations. On this matter, some objectives, limitations and prohibitions have been implemented related to the energy savings and energy control by a conversion done in the lighting sector.  

LED technology

In virtue of LED technology, it is possible to decrease the energy consumption of the lighting devices significantly. An energy efficiency of 70 % is achievable in our LED products. We, as VEKSAN Lighting, are aware of our share in this regard and we are combining efficiency, security and aesthetics with quality by utilizing high quality drivers with low energy consumption, Class ‘A’ reflectors with high luminous efficacy of source, high quality optic lenses, high permeability diffusers and high efficiency LED modules in our products.