Veksan Lighting develops, manufactures and sells products with several suppliers worldwide.
VEKSAN Lighting has become a well known and reliable brand identified with quality in the industry with high quality component utilization and with qualified knowledge obtained through our export-weighted manufacturing. 


Besides, VEKSAN LIGHTING maintains its distributorship position of products of certain manufacturers worldwide in Turkey. You may access the websites of those associates by clicking on their logos below.

NVC Lighting was founded in 1998 with the ambition “To build a world-class brand and to become the leader in our industry”. In pursuit of these twin goals, we pioneered the use of exclusively branded retail outlets for the distribution of our products in China, and the regional operation centres that support them. Up till that time, lighting had been distributed through un-specialised and non brand-specific outlets, giving little scope or incentive for in-depth product, technical and marketing support of lighting products. With the advent of retail outlets exclusively branded NVC, of which there are now more than 3,000 across China alone, we have been able to provide unrivalled levels of support, establishing NVC Lighting as an influential leader in the Chinese lighting industry.

Fumagalli family decides to turn the individual company into a limited company, going on with the manufacturing of "composite material" outdoor lighting fixtures. The articles range increased thanks to the creation of many new models and the production capacity was multiplied by the use of computerized machineries. The recent settlement in the new company seat had definitively made Fumagalli S.r.l a worldwide leading company in the manufacturing of resin material outdoor lightings.