VEKSAN Lighting,

VEKSAN Lighting has been established in 1986 aiming the purpose of manufacturing high quality, contemporary and modern luminaires to satisfy and fulfil the requirements and expectations of the illumination industry that demonstrates continuous development in our country and worldwide. VEKSAN has been performing only in lighting fixtures since it was founded and has become a leading and oracle company in lighting fixtures through channelling its entire knowledge and energy towards this aspect.

VEKSAN Lighting, which has become a reliable and favourite brand by ensuring continuous development and progress while without compromising the quality, continues to fulfil and satisfy the rapidly diversifying customer expectations and requirements ideally. This achievement is procured through its qualified and trained employees that are respectful to the ethical values and who are aware of team spirit and the utilized advanced technology machinery. The Company schedules new products each day with parallel to the innovations and changes in the industry and prevails to increase the customer satisfaction and business potential perpetually.

VEKSAN Lighting has been exporting in high volumes mainly to The United Kingdom and Germany and to other countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Hungary, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Romania in virtue of its world-class production quality and potential, innovative practices along with its leading position in our country’s lighting ındustry. Its influential manufacturer identity enables the Company for custom manufacturing not only for its own brand but also for the pioneering brands in the European Lighting industry.