The functions of Human Resources Department in VEKSAN LIGHTING
The function of Human Resources Department is to bolster the workforce of our Company with qualified manpower, establish the infrastructure required for our manpower to perform their tasks in complete job satisfaction and high motivation and to enhance and improve knowledge and skills of our employees in order to be prepared for higher tasks in future. The activities of the Human Resources Department can be collected under the major topics of recruiting, training and management development, salary and employee benefit affairs, industrial relations and administrative affairs. The entire activities related to the Human Resources are defined and the procedures are established. The procedures in where the entire work processes from leave of absence, recruiting to the preparation of the job descriptions are organized with access to the employees electronically.

Management Development and Training Activities
The Management Development and Training Function of the Human Resources plays a strategic part to accomplish our company objectives. Our primary objective is to provide every possible means to our employees in order to ensure their world-class success and development while contributing value to themselves and their performance on a learning environment. In accordance with this purpose, the employees are guided to recognize their knowledge and skills, their improvement requirements are determined together and the fulfilment of those requirements is facilitated through appropriate training programs. In our Company where equal opportunities are provided in ranging from recruiting process to training process, the differences among our employees in terms of their skills and knowledge are well respected and supported. We share the outcome of the personal evaluation tests and the responsibility related to their career development with our employees and therefore our employees are able to define their own career development by themselves. The activities of Management Development and Training can be summarized under sub titles as follows:

Performance Assessment
The Performance Management System in VEKSAN LIGHTING is interrelated to the business objectives. The employees designate concrete, measurable and achievable goals with specific timing goals according to their duties and tasks together with the executives at the beginning of the year. Those goals are monitored throughout the year and are compared with the achieved ones at the end of the year and the performance of the employees are evaluated. The performance of the employees enable them to be nominated as candidates for various duties and tasks pursuant to their individual career plans and has impacts on their salaries. The performance management system is applied equally on the entire employees excluding the unionized employees.  

Veksan Leadership Program
This program, which aims to determine and improve the leadership skills of VEKSAN employees for the purpose of assisting them to be successful leaders worldwide, has started its implementation as of 1999 and furthermore it will be a guidance program for its entire worldwide employees. In this program, the competence levels required for the entire executive management positions are determined and after that the individual competencies of the executives appointed for those specific positions are evaluated and the areas that could be improved is determined if any, the required trainings are provided accordingly. The aforementioned evaluation enables the employees determined to have the potentials to be executives to have the opportunity to improve themselves in the early years. Within the scope of this assessment, it is possible for the VEKSAN LIGHTING employees to participate the required assessments and development programs in order to provide them opportunities to be appointed for the executive positions in other units within the Company.

Training is interpreted as an investment in our Company. Taking into account that this investment is an important aspect for the realization of our company’s objectives, the fulfilment of the specific business requirements by the entire plans and implementations regarding the training and ensuring the acquirement of outcomes that increase the current potential are closely monitored and followed. Within this context, the trainings are designed in compliance with the objectives and goals of VEKSAN LIGHTING. Specific focus is placed on the skills for the completion of the on-going projects or the projects to be performed. It is considered to be the integral part of the career planning. Utmost elaboration is demonstrated for the trainings to have the highest quality. The performed trainings are organized as off the job and/or on-the-job training and a minimum of 5 days of the each of the personnel are reserved for the trainings. The off the job trainings or in-class trainings so to speak are provided by both the Company executives and mainly by the specialist domestic or foreign trainers outside of the Company. Besides, VEKSAN LIGHTING provides training opportunities for its employees to benefit from abroad trainings in order to achieve a consensus with the employees of other units abroad.