VEKSAN sense of quality...

In today’s time with gradually increase in competition, the significance of brands are getting to be well understood. VEKSAN Lighting with a mission of high quality sense has become a reliable brand identified with quality in the lighting industry. Our company has 28 years in 2014 when completing the ISO 9001 Quality System since 2001 and since 2012 is governed by the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. We, as VEKSAN, are proud of creating such an image in the market and making no compromises on quality.

VEKSAN sustainability...

Sustainable environment conception is placed on the top within our company policy. With this respect, we manufacture our products with environmental friendly energy consumptions sensitively by acknowledging our responsibility regarding this aspect. In this direction, we are aiming for a VEKSAN Lighting, which creates environmental friendly, high quality and innovative products with substantial design in our country and across the world.

Our products have the following aspects:

- Utilization of high quality optical lenses,
- Utilization of high permeable diffusers,
- Utilization of Class ‘A’ reflectors with high optical efficiency,
- OPTIS Software lighting simulation,
- Compliance with highly developed automation systems supporting energy efficiency,
- High quality, certified, guaranteed component assurance in LED technology,
- Production in ESD terms in LED products,
- Electronic component guarantee,
- Mechanical parts guarantee,

Energy Efficiency Class

You may download our Quality Policy in here.