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We celebrate our 30th year in the light.

VEKSAN lighting has been playing an active role with our customers for 30 years in quality and design in the lighting sector. We are pleased to present our new product group ZEUS direct-indirect lighting fittings to our customers.

ZEUS, which attracts the attention of architects and lighting designers, offers you the opportunity to make a difference to your projects. Vertical and horizontal stalactite mounting options, special color options, simple design and direct-indirection lighting, as well as meeting rooms, consultation rooms, hotel lobbies, fairgrounds, studios and offices, offer you the pleasure of making your own design. 

The stalactite can be used as a single entity, side by side, top, inside, vertical or horizontal, fittings can be made geometrical styles with each other, square and rectangular options can be produced in different sizes.

For VEKSAN ZEUS products, click here.